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UAW Conservation Committee
Pistol Raffle Winners:

Taurus Millennium 9mm - Keith Pipping
M&P Sheild 9mm - Lanny
Beretta Neos .22 caliber - John Gilsdorf


The committee thanks everyone for their support! Conservation committee meets the second Wednesday of the month at 4:00. Please consider joining.

The Conservation banquet will be held on September 11 this year. If you are interested in attendng the banquet and are not tickets holders, please call out to the Emil Mazey Hall and have Pam put your name on the waiting list. Ticket cost is $50.00 which includes your meal and a chance for a door prize.













President: Tim Tayloe
Vice President: Jim Brock
Recording Secretary: Penny Sawall
Financial Secretary: Pam Block
Trustees: Dave Strohschoen,
Bill Prening
& Angie Schroeder
Sergeant-at-Arms: Rufino Martinez, Jr
Guide: Jason Miller
Safety and Benefit Rep: Stan Rauwerdink


















Upcoming events
August 6, Retiree Bingo 1:00
August 6, Workers Comp Lawyers 1:00 - 4:00
August 7, Sheboygan Clinic Rep 11:00 4:00
August 11, Executive Board Meeting 3:00
August 14, Stewards Meetings, 7:15 am, 1:00, 3:15
August 21, United Health Care Rep 8:00-4:00
August 21, Sheboygan Clinic Rep 11:00 4:00
August 21, Union meetings 3:30 & 11:15
August 22, Union meeting 7:30 am

August Labor History
August 6, 1939- UAW wins "Strategy Strike" against GM, making gains for 150,000 workers in 42 plants.

August 8, 1980 - Workers at Houdaille Corp begin sitdown strike in Oshawa, Ont.

August 14, 1935 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Social Security Act, demanded by US workers, into law.

August 20, 1866 - National Labor Union formed.

August 21, 1831 - Nat Turner leads 60 slaves to revolt.

August 22, 1979 - UAW members stop work across US to write millions of postcards protesting high oil prices.

August 23, 1927 - Massachusetts labor activists and anarchists Sacco & Vanzetti executed.

August 25, 1919 - Police kill United Mine Workers organizer Fannie Sellins during Pennsylavania steel strike.

August 26, 1920 - Women in US win right to vote.

August 28, 1963 - UAW joins national march for civil rights and economic justice led by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., in Washington.

August 31, 1934 - 500,000 textile wokrers strike.










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